A Different Time - Michael Hill

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It’s 2017 and 22-year-old Keith Nolan is just living his life, working a job he dislikes to pay the bills and haunting flea markets and stores trying to fill out the last of his Uncanny X-Men comic collection as a tribute to his dad. On the day he finds that final edition he needs he also picks up a home video from one of his regular vendors. In the excitement of finding the comic book he forgets about the tape for a bit. When he does remember it and gets it playing, something strange happens. The woman on the 1989 tape is 19-year-ol Lindsay Hale and when Keith plays her tape, they can hear and talk to each other. What?! And this strange phenomenon changes their lives forever.


Told from both Lindsay and Keith’s POV the story will pull you in from the start and keep hold until the end. I wanted to know more about Lindsay and I really wanted Keith to find the rest of her videotapes. This isn’t a typical time travel story because Keith doesn’t go back in time and Lindsay doesn’t come forward, so while it has some sci-fi to it I guess it could also be considered paranormal. In any case, I dare you to read this and not be cheering for these two to get together. Be prepared because this is one exciting and unusual romance with a surprise ending that will make some people happy and others not. I cried and that’s all I’ll say about it.

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