Lord Gray's List - Maggie Robinson

Book source ~ ARC. My review is voluntary and honest.


The London List is the bane of Lord Benton Gray’s existence. Every Tuesday it has featured his debaucherous shenanigans and he’s had enough. Enough, I tell you! He stomps down to the paper to give the editor a good dressing down only to find out his old love is the one running the place. Wut?! How in the name of all the sexy mistresses on Jane Street is this possible? She’s a woman. Dressed like a man. But he knows exactly who he, I mean she, is. Evangeline Ramsey. His very first (and only as it turns out) love.


Evie’s been caught with her hand in the printer’s ink. She’s been poking the London Bear and now he’s come agrowlin’ at her. She should have stopped writing about him, but just couldn’t seem to help herself. He’s the only one who ever made her blood sing and now that he’s in his 30s he should be thinking of settling down, not trying to top each ridiculous exploit he’s involved in. In any case, the jig is up. When he buys the paper from her father, she has to do some fast talking to get him to keep the paper open. And that’s where all the fun begins.


Despite the fact that Ben is a jackass in the beginning (um, who does he think he is trying to tell Evie how to live her life?), I really love this story. Evie is a strong woman with a great mind and a soft heart. She takes a failing paper and makes it profitable. She and her father aren’t rich by any means, but they have a house, some staff, and food on the table at least. Plus, she’s helping so many people through her personal ads that she needs to convince Ben to keep it going. During all of this negotiating they can’t seem to keep their hands off of each other. And that makes for some hilarious predicaments for Ben when he’s out in public with “Mr. Ramsey.” Humor and steamy action with wonderful characters make this a top read of 2019 for me. It’s entertaining and makes my heart all gooey, too. Bravo!

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