Purls and Potions - Nancy Warren

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American Lucy Swift is really starting to settle into Oxford. Running her grandmother’s yarn shop, learning magic, and solving murders doesn’t leave a lot of time to make new friends, but she’s trying to make time to socialize. Being a witch and having vampires meet with their knitting club in her back room doesn’t really help in that department either, but she’s determined to make at least a few friends outside of the knitting circle and coven. When Alice, the assistant at Frogg Books needs some help with her unrequited love of her boss, Lucy’s cousin Violet talks Lucy into making the poor woman a love potion. Lucy’s past witchy experiences have usually gone awry, so she’s reluctant, but ultimately her desire to help Alice wins out. What happens next, well, it could only happen to Lucy.


I really like this series because it’s easy to read, kinda fun (minus the murders), has humor, and wonderful characters. It also has two potential love interests for Lucy, neither of which is ideal considering her current situation, but I can’t help but root for each one for different reasons. The wooing of Lucy is in the very beginning stages, so I have no idea yet who would be the better pick. I like them both though. In this book, Detective Inspector Ian Chisholm steps up his dating efforts, but then stumbles through no fault of his own. Damn that love potion! Rafe Crosyer, resident vampire leader, has his eye on Lucy, too. I’ll just have to wait and see how this plays out. My only complaint, and it’s small really, is there wasn’t as much interaction with the vampires in this installation. I really like them, so it dimmed my enjoyment just a bit.


If you’re looking for a light, easy, fun read that has magic, murder, and vampires then I suggest starting with book 1, The Vampire Knitting Club, in this series. This book can be read as a standalone, no problem, but I think starting at the beginning will make it that much more enjoyable. I’m totally getting the next book in the series. Join me in the fun.


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