Tragic Deception - M.A. Comley, Linda S. Prather

Book source ~ NetGalley


A British copper comes to America and joins the NYPD with the help of a fairy godfather, I mean, Chief of Police. She’s been there a year and the Commander can’t stand her. He keeps giving her shitty partners in the hopes she’ll quit or blow her top and he can fire her. When three babies are kidnapped, he suspends her and then tells her if she can find the babies before anyone else she can get her Detective promotion. So, she’s off and running with few resources and fewer friends.


Ok, so I can believe the harassment that Alex faces in the department. It’s not easy for a woman to be a police officer. On top of that, she’s from another country where things are done differently so she has to learn new rules/laws. And on top of THAT, she has the backing of the Chief. But, a lot of this story is just too sloppy and over the top for me to suspend belief. In addition, she calls her landlord Nobby, from the Harry Potter books. Uh, there was no Nobby that I’m aware of, so unless this error was fixed in later editions, it grates on my nerves. The villains are so stupid and careless they aren’t even worthy of being called villains. Finally, there’s this serial killer who is fixated on Alex. He’s the reason she moved to America to begin with, but he seems totally lame. There’s a great story in here and, at times, it’s pretty good, but I just can’t get lost in it. Too much pulls me right out of the world.