Trespassing - Brandi Reeds

Book source ~ Kindle First


Veronica Cavanaugh and her husband Micah have been having a difficult time of getting pregnant for all of their marriage. After a round of IVF they had Elizabella and she’s a miracle. When Bella’s three they finally get pregnant with twin boys only to lose them. Even so, they keep trying, but in the middle of their next round of fertilizing eggs Micah just disappears. And his disappearance triggers an investigation that has Veronica sitting at the very top of the suspect list. As the police dig deeper more and more things about Micah come to light and Veronica can’t seem to catch her breath. On top of all of this, Bella has an imaginary friend who drops tidbits about Micah. The most devastating of which is that Micah is dead. What?!


Veronica is losing it. Or thinks she is. Hit after hit keeps coming and with the police breathing down her neck, she’s beginning to wonder if her mom’s mental illness has been passed along to her after all. Things come to a head in the Florida Keys, but before that Veronica’s world is forever and always changed.


This book is at times wonderful and other times frustrating. It clips right along and then slows down to an unbearable crawl. Veronica is also not very likeable at times and other times really stupid. Not all the time, just enough to irritate. The mystery of Micah keeps the book intriguing and is the reason I had to keep reading. And let me tell you, I was totally not expecting that last part of the book. I had theories, but wow. I did not see that coming. Any of it. Totally worth my time.