Crochet and Cauldrons (Vampire Knitting Club #3) - Nancy Warren



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Lucy Swift inherited her grandmother’s wool shop in Oxford and even though she can’t knit worth a damn she decides to give running it a try since it means a lot to her grandmother. Yes, I said “means” and not “meant.” You see, her grandmother is now a vampire and even though she’s still adjusting to her new way of life and can’t be seen by anyone she knew before, she still is attached to the shop and her granddaughter. Plus, she needs to teach Lucy how to be a witch. Because that’s also something Lucy didn’t know about before her grandmother died. Let’s not forget the vampire knitting circle and the fact that murders keep happening around Lucy and she feels a need to solve them.


In this installment, Lucy’s parents make an unexpected visit even though they’re right in the middle of an exciting find in their Egyptian archaeological dig. Things are weird though and Lucy is trying to figure out how an Egyptian artifact fits into her life and whether it’s tied to the murder of a graduate student.


I love this cozy mystery series. It has humor, paranormal aspects, great characters, and quirky situations for Lucy to deal with. The vampire knitting circle is just too awesome. I love them! There’s even a possibility of some romance coming up in the future. Exciting! I’m going to continue on with this series in the hopes that Lucy will get better at magic. Because heaven knows she sucks at knitting. LOL