The Strings of Murder - Oscar de Muriel

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A closed room murder mystery in 1888 Scotland. The murder is similar to London’s Jack the Ripper and two detectives with opposite styles must solve the case before the public finds out and panic ensues.


Nine-Nails McGray is local and Ian Frey is an English dandy from London. McGray believes in the supernatural and Frey is the no nonsense guy who only believes in facts. So, kinda like Mulder and Scully only in 1888 Scotland. Except Frey’s beliefs start cracking the more they look into this case. Although he can’t quite let go of cold hard truths to dive into the supernatural, there just isn’t something right about this whole thing and it’s irritating him. He wants his orderly life back with all the good food, fine things, and lovely social conventions he had to leave behind in London. But he has to solve this case first. And it’s taking forever to break. In the meantime people start dropping like flies. Frey and McGray are stumped.


I was all in from the beginning of this book. The writing is not spectacular and Frey and McGray are a bit irritating, but overall this tale is gripping enough that it had me turning the pages quickly. Who doesn’t love a good locked room mystery? I was all set to give this book 4.5 or 5 and then the end happened. No. That is a bullshit way to finish a mystery. I will not say what exactly pissed me off because it would be a spoiler, but pissed off I was. Anyway, I know some mystery lovers will be cool with the ending, but I’m not one of them.