Desire the Night - Amanda Ashley

Book source ~ ARC. My review is voluntary and honest.


Gideon is a couple of hundred years old, a vampire, and he’s being held captive in the basement of an evil witch because his blood keeps her young looking. Vain much? When she tosses Kiya “Kay” Alissano into the cell with him as his next meal, the bitch witch gets more than she bargained for. Kay is the product of a werewolf father and a human mom. While not a full-blood werewolf, she still shifts at the full moon and is wicked strong. With the full moon only a couple days away, she only needs to keep the vampire from killing her and they can both get free.


I started out really loving this story. The part with just Gideon and Kay is great. The part with her dumbass father, the pack, and his dictate for her to marry his chosen one even though she can’t stand the guy is just stupid. The fact that Kay even goes back to the pack is stupid. Everything about the pack is stupid. Also, there’s marital rape. WTF This could have been so much better, but it fell apart because Kay has no spine. Ugh! I’m not interested in any more of this series because of the way this one played out.