Bone Music - Christopher Rice

Book source ~ Kindle First


For the 1st seven years of her life Charlotte Rowe was raised by serial killers. When they slip up and are arrested, Charlotte (real name Trina Pierce) is reunited with her father. However, it’s only a happy reunion for him as he exploits her story for cold hard cash. As soon as she can, Charlotte leaves his ass and goes to live with her grandmother, finishes high school and tries to create a normal life for herself. Unfortunately, her unusual life is about to take another turn away from hard-won normal and the question that begs for an answer is: will she survive again?


The beginning of this book is different than most I read. I like the idea of taking someone who was raised by serial killers for several years and yet she didn’t know yet what they were and then having her rescued and returned to her father, only to be exploited by said father. Ugh! What a dick! She finally gets some normal life with her grandmother, but when her gran dies she changes her name and moves far away into the middle of nowhere to avoid the everlasting fame and the stalkers. And that’s when the story gets even more interesting.


Given an experimental drug without her knowledge freaks her right out. Not only does she have to deal with the effects, but once again she’s been betrayed. With no idea who is behind it, what is going on or what to do about it all, she calls the two people she trusts most in life. From there it’s trial and error and impossible decisions.


I was all in with story until the shadowy people showed up with boatloads of money and tech. It just seems so convenient and hokey. I also have a problem with the drug limitations. The timing of the doses is critical and seems like it is pretty worthless for what it was cooked up to do. I won’t say more because it could be considered spoilerish, but if you read the book I think you’ll get what I’m trying to point out. Maybe since the drug is in the early stages that’s something they will try to refine. Anyway, this is still a great read with lots of action and pretty cool “superpowers” to be had. I love Charlotte, so I’m inclined to continue with this series.