Love-Lines - Sheri Langer

Book source ~ ARC. My review is voluntary and honest.


Fordham Price is just trying to juggle home, family, and a job while serial dating to hopefully find a companion so she doesn’t end up alone. Or at least find someone worthy enough to scratch the sex itch. But she’s not having any luck. Her life gets even more complicated when a co-worker ups and leaves and her boss drops the book she was working on into Fordham’s lap. After whining for quite some time, so pulls up her big girl panties and digs in.


It’s not often I pick up a book by Red Adept Publishing and end up not liking it. The blurb for this one sounded pretty good, so I dug in. And found I didn’t care for Fordham. At all. Man, what a whiner. When her old flame blows into town and picks up with her like the years in-between never existed, I did not like or trust him. But Fordham ate him up like he was the biggest, juiciest, chocolate-covered strawberries from Shari’s Berries.


I love Whitty, Fordham’s 10-yr-old daughter and her mom (who lives with them), but Fordham just got on my nerves too much to enjoy the book. The writing itself is great though and maybe I’m being too picky. I’m sure there are others out there who would sympathize and connect with Fordham, but unfortunately I’m not one of them.