Angel in Scarlet: A Bound and Determined Novel - Lavinia Kent

DNF @33%


Book source ~ NetGalley


Miss Angela Ripon thought Matthew Harkness, the Earl of Colton, was going to ask her to marry him. Instead he dropped her like a hot potato. Now she wants revenge. She wants to seduce him until he can’t live without her and when he asks her to marry him, she rejects him. Seeking the advice of Madame Rouge, or Ruby as she’s known by her patrons, Ruby warns Angela that the game she’s playing will most likely not end up the way she hopes. Angela forges blindly on anyway. Matthew is newly intrigued by this change in Angela, but he’s wary. He’ll not be trapped into marriage. When Angela insists that she’s not looking for marriage he cautiously decides to play along and see where it goes.


The writing isn’t bad, but the characters are horrible. Neither one is honest with the other and neither thought or had the balls to just come out and say what they want, so they circle endlessly in a continuous loop of lies and prevarications and at 33% I just could not stand it anymore. I just couldn’t face another 67% of these two dipshits never coming out and saying what was actually on their minds. So, they are dead to me. Moving on.