Dangerous Talents - Frankie Robertson

Book source ~ ARC. My review is voluntary and honest.


Emergency dispatcher Celia Montrose is out on a hike looking for some lost petroglyphs, but when she finds them her life changes in a way she never would have believed. Transported to another world with no idea how or why, Cele is just trying to survive in a desert with no water. When a group of strange men come across her, she’s afraid, but her need for water is now desperate. She trusts them, but is watchful. The leader of the group, Lord Dahleven, is just as wary of her. Is she a spy, ally, or something else? He thinks she may be Fey-marked, but he needs to hoof it back home to warn his people of impending war, so he drags her along for the ride until he can figure her out. And that’s when things go sideways.


I don’t read too many time travel stories anymore, but this is more like world or dimension travel even if the people of Alfheim are living like times long past. The writing is good, the characters interesting, the world is fascinating, and the plot is decent. My main problem is with Celia. Her singlemindedness to get home blinded her to everything else around her. And this makes her act like a damn moron. Plus, I had a hard time with the insta-love between her and Dahleven. But other than that this is a tale that will keep you turning the pages.

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