Vulnerable - Mary Burton

4.5 Book source ~ NetGalley


Three teens went into the woods and only one came out. Amber Ryder was found with a broken arm, a concussion, and no memory about what happened. Nashville forensic technician Georgia Morgan has been assigned the five year old cold case because the father of one of the victims is rich and connected. He keeps pushing for more investigation even though the police haven’t managed to find anything in five long years. Georgia has read all the files and has contacted Amber who now resides in Texas, but before she can really get going on interviews another body is found in the woods - a body that leads Georgia and her team to the missing teens. What fresh hell is this?


There are twists and turns and revelations both surprising and icky in this suspenseful murder mystery. I’ve read one other book by Mary Burton and I like her writing style. She woos with words and coaxes you to keep looking for answers all while dropping breadcrumbs to follow. Sometimes you think you have it figured out only to doubt yourself with the next revelation. It’s frustrating, but in a good way. There is plenty of science involved without it overwhelming the story and there’s even more foot work involved by Detective Jake Bishop. Police work is a collaborative effort between beating the bushes and science and I’m glad this story shows that. I look forward to reading more stories by Mary Burton.