After the Green Withered (After the Green Withered #1) - Kristin Ward

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The world is barren and water is power for the Corporation that rules it in this YA Dystopian about Enora Byrnes and the choices made for her that she has to live with or die because of. Trust me when I say her tale will hurt you so good.


This book is scary because we could easily end up like Enora and everyone else in this story. It’s depressing as hell, but in a good way. Does that even make sense? I mean, it’s a great dystopian tale about what could happen if our climate changes so horribly that water becomes scarce and everything green just dies. It makes me appreciate that we aren’t that bad. Yet. We still have time to turn our planet around. In Enora’s world it’s so much worse than she could ever imagine, or that I could imagine. And I can imagine a lot. Oh, man, I do not envy her discovery.


When faced with an impossible choice what would you do? Toe the line with head down or resist and probably end up dying a painful death? It’s not a simple choice by any means and Enora’s internal conflict shows throughout the entire book. Should she? Shouldn’t she? What can she do? She’s just one person. Or is she?


The world building is decent even if it slows the narrative a bit in the beginning. The characters are pretty well-defined and the conflict, both external and internal, is nail-biting. I took off for the slow beginning and because Enora had a tendency to irritate me a bit at times. Even with the detractions I had a hard time putting the book down. This is one YA Dystopian you should not miss.