Skin Games - Adam Pepper

Book source ~ ARC. My review is voluntary and honest.


This story is about Sean O’Donnell, a poor Irish-Italian kid who ends up working for a snob mob boss. Then he falls head-over-instalove for said mob boss’s daughter despite all the warnings to stay away from her. Damn. This guy is a moron. At least the mob boss’s daughter is also stupid, so they have that in common.


I was so close to just giving up on this one. Sean isn’t a very good character. He calls himself stubborn to a fault. Yeah, he is that. He’s also not smart. And he’s a tool. There’s also instalove between him and Nicole. Sure. Let’s believe that. Nicole is a caricature. The pretty, bratty, mob boss’s princess. She has no other identity other than this. Gag me. The whole book is one huge flashback. The best part was the ending. Not because it was the ending, but because the ending was pretty awesome. Other than that, it’s an entire book of meh filled with two-dimensional characters and clichés.