Look Alive Twenty-Five - Janet Evanovich


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Stephanie Plum is a bond enforcement agent for her cousin Vinnie’s agency, but now she has to also manage a deli that the agency has acquired through the collateral on a bond skip. A deli that she finds out has had three managers go missing in the last month and all that was left behind was one shoe. Yikes. Never fear though because Lula is going to help her. *cue eye roll*


This series is so stale I want to slap myself for continuing to read it. At least I get the books from the library now and have for some time. The best thing I can say is it’s an easy-to-read brainless fluff book for when you just need to unwind with something completely predictable and uncomplicated. Grandma Mazur is barely in this one, but Lula is there for nearly all of it. Stephanie *still* can’t decide between Morelli and Ranger and I’m sick of her shit. Each book she’s on again, off again with Morelli who she isn’t ready to marry and apparently neither is he. But her one excuse for not considering Ranger is he isn’t looking to get married. What the actual fuck?! That makes zero sense. Plus, in this book she’s macking on Ranger while she’s still in a sort of relationship with Morelli. Ok, that’s cheating full out. At least all the other (few) times she hooked up with Ranger she and Morelli were off again. I can accept that. But this? No. Just, no. I’m not sure I can keep doing this to myself, but I probably will only because I love Ranger. He deserves so much better than Stephanie.

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