Only the Truth - Adam Croft

Book source ~ Kindle First


Dan Cooper sets up lighting rigging for movie sets. He travels quite a bit, so he gets to sleep around on his wife. A lot. He doesn’t even feel bad about it. Until one day his wife shows up in his hotel bathtub, 70 miles from their home. Oh, and she’s deader than a doornail. All signs point to Dan as her murderer, so he panics, packs up, and flees the scene. The hotel receptionist that he’s been banging this trip goes with him. What a weirdo. Anyway, they flee England for France then Switzerland. Blah, blah, blah.


This story is awful. No, really. Dan spends the ENTIRE book whining about how his wife is dead and someone is framing him. Because he may be a shitty husband but he doesn’t deserve to be framed for murder. And who is framing him? Well, let’s run hundreds of miles and several countries away, so we can figure that out, shall we? Omg. No. Stop. I should have just tossed in the towel on this one. But I was genuinely curious as to who framed this stupid fucking whiny cheating asshole. Whatever. It was not worth the aggravation of listening to Dan. Interspersed with Whiny Dan in present tense there’s Young Dan in past tense describing how he grew up. That was a much better story by far than the current day one, even as fucked up as Dan’s childhood was. In any case, I recommend this book to no one except the people I don’t like. There are much better mystery/thrillers out there and I’m moving on to find them.