Twisted - Rebecca Zanetti

*Book source ~ NetGalley


After being rescued from the Kurjans Maggie has lived with the vampires, in the Kayrs compound, but now she needs to spend some time around other wolf shifters in the hopes it will help her with her lost memories. Somehow Alpha wolf Terrent Vilks is tied to her past, but he refuses to say how. He wants her to remember on her own. Shifters can live a very long time, so he has plenty of patience. However, after years, his patience is starting to wear thin. It’s time Maggie remember her promise to him.


Another decent read in the Dark Protector series. Even though it’s short, it doesn’t lack in action, mystery and hotness. For once we get a view outside the Kayrs compound and focus on some of the other players in this series. It makes for a nice change, no matter how much I love the Kayrs clan and their mates. I love the reveal at the end, too. lolol I look forward to seeing more of Maggie and Terrent.