Full Blooded - Amanda  Carlson

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Jessica McClain was born the only female in a male dominated race of shifters. Sharing a special bond with her twin Tyler didn’t make things any easier. Her very existence created unease and outright fear due to an ancient prophecy. When she didn’t change in her teens the tension died down somewhat. However, ten years after she should have shifted she suddenly does shift becoming the only full-blooded female werewolf ever known to exist. Only she isn’t exactly a werewolf like her father and brother. She’s something else. With factions gunning to either kidnap or kill her, it’s no longer a question of whether she should exist, but whether she can stay alive long enough to figure out why she exists.


*sigh* This story had so much promise. It was a little rocky in the beginning, but I can overlook that in a first novel. However, when it degenerated down into a stinking pool of ridiculousness I had to cry foul. Its crimes:

  1. Trying too hard to be badass
  2. Exposition in the middle of a fight as if your enemy is just going to stand around with his thumb up his ass while you talk and talk and talk and, for the love of all that’s holy, talk some more.
  3. Yelling at people that time is of the essence and there’s no time to talk about her change when the police are on the way and there’s a dead body in her apartment!!!!! then her dad calls and all of a sudden she wants long winded answers RIGHT NOW by gum! *petulantly stomps foot*
  4. Insta-love
  5. Badass insta-love interest turns into dumbass insta-love interest because Jessica is all that
  6. Jessica is so very speshul but no explanation is really given as to the speshulness
  7. formulaic writing


I’m done. No more of this series for me.

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