Graphic Classics Volume 16: Oscar Wilde - Alex Burrows, Antonella Caputo, Rich Rainey

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From Goodreads:

Graphic Classics: Oscar Wilde features "The Picture of Dorian Gray," Wilde's tale of narcissism and horror, adapted for comics by Alex Burrows and illustrated by Lisa K. Weber. Plus the comic satire "The Canterville Ghost" by Antonella Caputo and Nick Miller, "Lord Arthur Savile's Crime" by Rich Rainey and Rich Tommaso, and an adaptation of Wilde's exotic play "Salome," illustrated by Molly Kiely.


The only story of the four that I’ve wanted to read is The Picture of Dorian Gray. The rest weren’t even on my radar. The entire anthology is done in black and white and each story has its own illustrator and author who adapted it.


The Picture of Dorian Gray ~ While I’ve never read the original story I had an idea of what it’s about and this seems to be a fairly decent adaptation. Also, the artwork is gorgeous.


The Canterville Ghost ~ Kinda amusing and while the artwork is very detailed it isn’t really my style.


Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime ~ The story seemed stupid, but I liked the artwork.


Salome ~ This story seemed even more stupid than the previous one and I didn’t like the artwork. So it’s my least favorite of the four.