Hellboy: Oddest Jobs - Christopher Golden, Mike Mignola

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Anthology of 14 stories with the common theme of Hellboy and an introduction by Christopher Golden.


Ok, so every one of these stories is weird, some way more than others. Way, waaaay more. I’ve never seen a Hellboy movie (though we have them) or read the comics. This anthology is the first time I’ve read any Hellboy stories. I gotta say, Hellboy is fairly entertaining. I need to watch the movies and dig up more stories to read.


Jiving with Shadows and Dragons and Long, Black Trains by Joe R. Lansdale ~ Gross and yet enthralling. Probably my favorite.


Straight, No Chaser by Mark Chadbourn ~ Meh.


Second Honeymoon by John Skipp & Cody Goodfellow ~ Oooh, mythology. Nice touch.


Danny Boy by Ken Bruen ~ This author has an aversion to periods. The punctuation kind. I have no idea about the other kind.


Strange Fishing in the Western Highlands by Garth Nix ~ Really enjoyed this one.


Salamander Blues by Brian Keene ~ This reminds me of a Monster of the Week episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.


The Thursday Men by Tad Williams ~ I like the sci-fi aspect. Another good one.


Produce by Amber Benson ~ This one just didn’t seem right. Too adult for the narrator. Meh.


Repossession by Barbara Hambly ~ Weird.


In Cupboards and Bookshelves by Gary A. Braunbeck ~ I didn’t really understand this one.


Feet of Sciron by Rhys Hughes ~ Weirder than weird.


Monster Boy by Stephen Volk ~ Sorta reminds me of Ralphie in A Christmas Story.


Evolution and Hellhole Canyon by Don Winslow ~ Hellboy’s work is never glamorous.


A Room of One’s Own by China Miéville ~ Totally bizarre. And I didn’t really get it.

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