Angel: Last Angel in Hell - Juliet Landau, Stephen Mooney, Franco Urru, Brian Lynch

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From Goodreads: In possibly the craziest Angel volume yet, we find out what happened to Gunn, Drusilla, Angel, and Spike in the aftermath of the Fall, which includes comas, insane asylums, a comic con, and even Angel’s movie adaptation. With stories by fan-favorite writer Brian Lynch and a two-issue arc co-written by Drusilla herself, Juliet Landau, this collection shows you just how insane Angel’s world can get."


WTF did I just read? This has got to be the worst volume yet. I would give it a 1 if I hadn’t liked Drusilla’s story arc and the Comic-Con story. Those two are awesome! The rest can just suck it because Grrr Argh! The artwork is very nice though.