A Death in Sweden - Kevin Wignall

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A former MI6 agent and CIA contractor, Dan Hendricks is now a free agent, doing jobs for whoever has the money to pay him. His specialty is finding and acquiring fugitives, but when former agents, his friends, start turning up dead he realizes his time is running out. With a lifeline thrown his way by a former boss he sets out on his most important mission yet - find out who Jacques Fillon truly was and why he was hiding in Sweden. If Dan can do that maybe he’ll have the leverage he needs to erase the target off his back.


For a thriller this was more suspenseful than thrilling. There is plenty of intrigue and lots of gore and killing, but there are also some really slow parts that tend to distract from the main story. Especially the romance which had me rolling my eyes. Is Dan Hendricks supposed to be James Bond? *snorts* But the plot did keep me interested from beginning to end. Who was this Jacques Fillon? Why did he save a random stranger on a bus? Why is the CIA interested in him and why are they killing off former agents or those who did their dirty work even though they weren’t a security risk? So many questions and the answers will eventually be revealed. All-in-all a decent read.


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