Harmony Black (Harmony Black Series Book 1) - Craig Schaefer

*Book source ~ Kindle First


Harmony Black is an FBI agent in a covert organization named Vigilant Lock. She’s also a witch and her job is to hunt monsters. After her last job goes south and a new job turns up in her home town, her boss puts her on a team for the first time. No longer working solo takes some getting used to, but she’s fitting in pretty well considering she’s facing her childhood monster – The Bogeyman.


The only drawback to this intriguing paranormal tale of monsters and mystery is that there is some repetitiveness that gets a bit irritating. Otherwise this is a one hell of a ride with action nearly from the start. The plot is fast moving, the writing is pretty good and the characters are awesome. Monsters, magic, the occult, mysteries and conspiracies upon conspiracies, where the hell is this series going? I have no idea, but it looks like it’s going to be quite a fun ride!


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