Love under the Lights (Whole Lotta Love) - S.L. Carpenter, Sahara Kelly

*Book source ~ A review copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.


Toni Sinclair is stuck between a rock and a…rock. The hard place is about to show up. After she blows her top at her scummy sexually harassing boss and storms out she wonders how the hell she’s going to find another job and pay down her pile of debt. Lucky for her she runs into a successful adult film actress. Suze thinks Toni has what it takes, so she gives her a number to call. Is Toni desperate enough to dial that number?


Well-written with depth to the characters this isn’t porn about the porn industry. This is a romance that happens while filming porn. Toni and cameraman Paul Whittaker fall for each other a bit quick, but considering the circumstances it’s forgivable. A little on the short side (the story, not *ahem* other things) it’s a quick naughty read with lots of heart.