Big Bad Bear (Soldier Bears Book 1) - Terry Bolryder

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Zeus is a big burly bear shifter and a seriously badass special forces dude. When his bear recognizes waitress Carly as his mate, for once in his life he’s lost as to how to proceed winning her hand and her heart. Luckily, in Bearstone Village there’s a threat in the form of a jackass motorcycle gang and when Carly witnesses some of their shenanigans it gives Zeus the opening he needs to protect Carly from them. Ok, maybe that’s not as fortunate as it sounds, but really it is. You’ll see.


Warning: This story is unbelievably repetitive. The same descriptions and same sentences over and over again. Seriously. I got it. They have the hots for each other. It’s insta-lust. The love I don’t believe, but whatever. Flesh out more to the story instead of saying the same thing on practically every page.


I’m not a fan of Carly, but I do love Zeus. The sex scenes are decent, but there is little depth to the characters. I’m disappointed since I loved Double Dragons. I may or may not try out the next book in this series.