Younger - Suzanne Munshower

*Book source ~ Kindle First


Anna Wallingham is in her 50s and runs a moderately successful ad business in the cosmetic industry when her largest client suddenly dumps her. Spending beyond her means to keep up appearances in LA means she’s now desperate for additional clients and the prospects are beginning to look very grim when Pierre Barton hands the drowning Anna a lifeline. If something looks and sounds too good to be true then chances are it is. But Anna takes the unusual offer without much thought about the hows, whys and wherefores. Which is why she ends up running for her life. Can she outthink and outrun a trained killer? But more importantly, who can she trust in this game of murder and industrial espionage?


The whole concept of looking 10, 15, 20 or more years younger is a fascinating one on the surface, but as Anna goes through the process, she learns the disadvantages. Yes, there are some, but I’ll not rehash them here. This book made me think about whether I’d want to look younger. Maybe not so much look younger as fix the damage the sun has done to my skin. I grew up in a time where sun damage down the road wasn’t thought about especially for blondes like me who loved a nice glowy tan. While I’m not 50, I’m not far from it. So yes, maybe if there were a cream to fix that 100% I’d go for it.


Anyway, the plot, while stretching the bounds of believability just a touch, is still a great thrill ride. Anna’s journey from a 50-ish to a 20-ish woman is quite interesting. I enjoyed the present day and flashback scenes as well. The only thing that I really didn’t enjoy is all the damn shopping. Seriously? I don’t give a shit about what brand of…well, everything she bought was. Or what color every single item was. Just tell me she purchased some pants and shirts and be done with it. All the clothing descriptions could probably have knocked off like 50 pages. Ok, I’m not positive that’s correct, but it seems like it. LOL All-in-all though I enjoyed the story and every time I put it down I couldn’t wait to get back to it.