On The Hunt - Rebecca Zanetti, Hannah Jayne, Dianne Duvall, Alexandra Ivy

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On The Hunt by Alexandra Ivy ~ 3 bites and a nibble

Sentinel Mika Tanner and healer Bailey Morrell were once a couple, but their differences split them up. Years later an incident with a Sentinel in training and dangerous enemy bring them together again. Can they make it work this time around?


While I like this story, I didn’t like it as much as the other two I’ve read in the Sentinel series. I just didn’t have a connection with the characters and while I like Bailey, I thought Mika was too overbearing. He comes across as an ass of the first order.


Scorpius Rising by Rebecca Zanetti ~ DNF 2 bites for the pandemic part

Microbiologist Nora Medina and her team have been kidnapped by their government in an effort to stem a pandemic. Too bad her ex-husband Deacan McDougall is head of the black ops that are keeping them secure.


I’m not a fan of old relationships being rekindled, but the pandemic part made it interesting. Unfortunately, I discovered in Chapter 5 that Deacan had been in the Marines long after the author had called him a soldier multiple times. A Marine is a Marine (and it’s capitalized!) and soldiers are Army. I’m not interested in reading about a Marine being called a soldier, it pisses me off, so I stopped right there.   


Phantom Embrace by Dianne Duvall ~ 5 bites

Immortal Guardian Yuri Sokolov can see spirits and he’s been obsessed with one he keeps seeing around. Cat Seddon has been a spirit for a very long time, but there’s something about Yuri that draws her. An immortal and a spirit, what kind of relationship are they going to have? Only one way to find out.


I love, love, love the Immortal Guardian series and this short story (#5.5) is a wonderful and unique addition to a really great line up. Even though it’s short it lacks nothing in development and has all of the trademarks I love from the longer books: humor, suspense, steaminess, romance, mystery, awesome action and I mentioned the humor, right? The ending is both heart wrenching and heartwarming. Don’t skip this one when making your way through the series.


Stake Out by Hannah Jayne ~ No rating

This series no longer interests me, so I didn’t read it.


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