Mother Gaia - Ricky Baxter, Stephen B Howell, Ajay Kumar Mishra

*Book source ~ A review copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.


Mother Gaia is pissed that her creation is being destroyed by the parasite humans, so she feels it’s time to make an appearance and lay out some smackdown.


If you love the earth and try to live as green as possible then this is a great quick read that will have you cheering. I don’t worship Mother Gaia myself or the Goddess and I’m not Christian, but the story resonates with me. If your body is your temple then what about the earth that supports us, that without it, we wouldn’t be here? The old expression, don’t shit where you eat makes sense yet I don’t understand how there are still people in this day and age of irrefutable evidence that insist upon shitting on our plate. Collectively speaking. We need the earth to live. The earth doesn’t need us.


In this story Mother Gaia has had enough. She rises up to wipe her precious creation of the parasites that are humans and let the earth heal from all the damage done to it. In it she kicks serious ass and then…uh oh. What’s this? An entity who can stop her in her tracks? Interesting. But in the end Mother Gaia prevails except her agenda has changed somewhat due to one human and some persuasion by her other children (a dove in particular) to believe there are more like Maya out there. Who said one person couldn’t make a difference?