Iron Dominance - Cari Silverwood

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4 Stars

*Book source ~ Kindle Unlimited


Claire is a 'Frankenstruct', composed of cloned parts and created as a government weapon. Trained from 'birth' to be an assassin, Claire is no stranger to violence and death. She has been conditioned to give nothing away, remain calm and alert in every situation; that is until her air ship is shot down on her first mission. Dragged from the rubble she meets Theo, a tall, dark and super sexy ex-colonel and nobleman. Though Frankenstructs are viewed as not being human, Theo disagrees with this assessment. Instead of sending her off to be 'euthanized',  as is protocol in the territory, he has her brought to his estate to heal and discover her secrets.


Claire has spent her whole life believing she was nothing but a thing, making her doubt Theo's intentions and feelings towards her. She is rightfully cautious not to reveal too much about her past, or the target of her mission, letting Theo think she is just a bodyguard.  With her Boss MIA and her fate uncertain she walks a fine line between submission to Theo's Dominance and protection of her identity. Everything comes to a head when her Boss shows up, calling on her to kill her mark. Will Claire tell Theo the truth of who she is and risk losing the only person who has made her feel human? Or will she carry out her mission in secret, hoping he never discovers what she really is?


I will be honest, I did not have very high expectations for this book. I figured it would be a good steamy read, BDSM and Steampunk erotica? Sign me up! I am happy to say that Ms. Silverwood surprised me. The writing was superb, something I do not tend to find in erotica. Too often authors jump right into the sex, with very little build up. Ms. Silverwood however, spends time focusing on the build up, on Claire's reactions to Theo's looks, touches and kisses. You can feel Claire's confusion, surprise and desire warring with one another in each interaction she has with Theo. Ms. Silverwood spends time building up the sexual need within each scene, making you ache right along with Claire. I do wish we got to spend more time in the world outside of Claire and Theo, and delve a little deeper into their characters, and how they came to be. However, I do understand, for the sake of the plot, that these characters had to hold parts of themselves back from one another. Overall it was an exciting read with fun gadgets, steamy sex and a unique plot!


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