Sex Hell - Joe Canzano

*Book source ~ A review copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.


Waitress and aspiring writer, Debbie de La Fontaine has a lot of sexual requirements. Some would call them hang ups, but she is the way she is. Her boyfriend Mike cares about her and he tries to fulfill her every need, but Debbie would usually rather eat popcorn and read a good book instead of have sex. When a witch offers her a chance to spice up her sex life with a spell, Debbie gives it a try. What she didn’t think about was whether the witch was on the up and up. Now Debbie’s stuck in Sex Hell with musician Juan Carlos and they’re scrambling to fix their mutual problem before Mike finds out. But Mike has secrets of his own. Things are about to get interesting.


This is a goofy, humorous, sometimes sexy and an occasionally eye roll-worthy tale of sex, love, relationships and expectations. Debbie is a bit neurotic when it comes to sex. She’s so whiny sometimes I just want to smack her upside the head. Juan has his own quirks and so do Mike and Debbie’s best friend, Cynthia. The villain in this piece, the witch Velva (I kept calling her Vulva in my head), is a caricature of epic proportions. I love Carl the demon and Peach Blossom, Velva’s sister. The sex scenes are quite creative. I know the title is Sex Hell and there’s plenty of sex involved, but it’s not graphically described which is nice because sometimes I like to leave stuff to my imagination. If you’re looking for an absurd paranormal love story that has flawed characters, funny sidekicks, dumbass villains and sexy role playing ideas then this is an entertaining read you won’t want to miss.