Tricky Twenty-Two - Janet Evanovich

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Stephanie Plum may not be a bounty hunter extraordinaire, but she does tend to get the job done one way or another. When she gets an FTA named Ken *Gobbles* Globovic, college student and member of the worst fraternity house at Kirkman College, she figures the job  will be a piece of cake. She should have known better.


The formula hasn’t changed for this book. Stephanie gets into her usual troubles, Lula is still funny and wacky, Vinnie is still a jerk, Morelli is an asshole and Ranger is hot. After 22 books you’d think Stephanie would have grown a bit as a character, but she’s still as she was in the beginning. Getting kinda ridiculous really. I also don’t know what she sees in Morelli other than her family would find him as an acceptable husband for her. Wow. Quite the reason to marry. If they ever do. I hope they don’t. I can’t stand him. I would choose Ranger every day of the year over Morelli. Anyway, if you’ve read the other books in the series there won’t be any surprises in this one. It’s a nice piece of entertaining fluff that doesn’t tax your brain and will occasionally make you smile. Plus, Ranger. Mmmmm…