Dominated By My Landlady: FemDom Spanking Romance - Dominique Paige


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Evan is late on the rent and his landlady is a dragon. Not literally, but she accepts no excuses for late rent. And when Evan tries to explain anyway, she gives him an alternate way to pay his dues. With his wife away will Evan agree to his domineering landlady’s proposal?


I love the concept of this story, but the execution needs work. It definitely needs more editing to fix some errors that shouldn’t have gotten through and the head jumping is the most serious offense here. Alternate POVs are something I love, but you cannot jump around in the middle of a paragraph. Wtf?


I want to state for the record that spit is not a lube and it most definitely shouldn’t be used for anal sex. Also, I hate spit. Gross. Vivian, the MILF Dominatrix landlady, is very unlikeable in my eyes and I would have handled Evan differently. Anyway, the writing needs work and the characters could use some depth. It’s a so-so story.