Darkness Dawns  - Dianne Duvall

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Sarah Bingham is a music teacher at UNC-Chapel Hill. Roland is an Immortal Guardian protecting innocents from vampires. Their paths cross one very early morning when Roland is staked to the ground in a remote area by enemies who torture him while they wait for the sun to come up and burn him to ash. Sarah, out before sunrise to beat the heat, is digging up a place for her vegetable garden in a field adjacent to her home when she hears a loud commotion. After sneaking up in the trees to see what’s going on and witnessing the torture of a naked man she decides she doesn’t have time to go home to phone 911. Taking her shovel firmly in hand she whacks the bad guys in the head, unties Roland and helps him to her house thus saving his life.  And that’s just the beginning.


This is a reread for me. When it came up in the Caffeinated Book Club as the March pick I was excited. I loved it the first time I read it back in January 2012 and I’m happy to report I love it just as much four years later. In fact, I love the entire series so far. The characters are so alive and the world is so interesting that I just want to step into it and disappear for awhile. Ok, maybe forever. :D The fact that it’s set in NC is a plus for me since I live in the vicinity of the setting. It was so much fun revisiting this world from the beginning and knowing what I know now did not detract from the story at all. I dove right in and it was like I was reading it for the first time all over again. Humor, suspense, hotness, romance, badassery, cool fights and just overall great entertainment kept me glued to my couch for the entire book. I love it. That is all.


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