Red Rising  - Pierce Brown

*Book source ~ NetGalley


Darrow is a Red, mining on Mars for helium-3, the stuff needed for terraforming the planet. Earth is dying and humans need other worlds to live, so Darrow and his people work and sacrifice in order to achieve this dream for future generations. Except it’s all been a lie. The Reds are only slave labor so the Golds and other colors can live in luxury. Mars has already been colonized, built on the backs of Darrow’s people and it’s been going on for generations. A resistance called the Sons of Ares has recruited Darrow to infiltrate the Golds and bring them down from the inside. Does Darrow have the right stuff?


I have no idea if Darrow has the right stuff because I gave up on this book at 25%. Show, show, show, blah, blah, blah. It’s dreadfully boring and then when I thought it might start to get interesting it instead became ridiculous. I get that this is the future and sci-fi and all that jazz, but the shit Darrow goes through at the Carver’s is not even a tiny bit believable. My mind boggles at the alterations and stolen body parts to make it so. And you’re telling me he’ll pass inspection?! I’m done. Moving on.