The Lady's Tutor - Robin Schone

*Book source ~ A review copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.


Elizabeth Petre is the perfect politician’s wife. She supports her husband’s climbing career to Prime Minister, she helps her mother with her father’s job as Prime Minister and she loves her two sons more than anything. However, she’s lonely. Her husband hasn’t touched her since she became pregnant with her youngest son and she’s determined to seduce her husband. But how to go about it when you’re a properly brought up Victorian wife? By arranging secret lessons with the Bastard Sheikh, Ramiel Devington, that’s how.  She refuses to cheat on her husband, so Ramiel gives her a book to read and demands that she return each morning for discussion of each chapter. However, during these intimate sessions, they become close until it’s nearly impossible to refrain from acting on their attraction. But when Elizabeth’s life takes a sinister turn, all the things she thought she knew are torn away from her and she’s left with the raw painful truth. Will their budding relationship survive a condemning and ruthless ton?


I derive a secret giddy pleasure from historical erotica. It’s just so very naughty! While this historical romance has erotic subject matter it’s all just discussion and the reading of the book until much later when Elizabeth and Ramiel finally give into their attraction. The buildup is delicious! I really like the characters, even the secondary ones. It’s a tad wordy for me, but the twists are wonderful even if the drama toward the end is a bit overdone. Still, this is a book that will tug at your heart as well as other *ahem* places.