Revival, Vol. 1: You're Among Friends - Mark Englert, Mike Norton, Tim Seeley

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Wausau, Wisconsin is ground zero for Revival Day. No one has any idea why the dead have come back to life and continued on their business like nothing happened. The county is in lockdown while the CDC checks to see if it’s contagious and Officer Dana Cypress, daughter to the Sheriff, has been put in charge of the R.C.A.T. (The Revitalized Citizen Arbitration Team) and she’ll be working with the CDC liaison, Ibrahaim Ramin. Between people getting an extreme case of cabin fever and nutcases wanting in to be healed by the Revivers, the police resources are stretched beyond thin. The last thing Dana needs is her little sister coming home from college with a secret. She begs Dana not to tell their dad she’s a Reviver and asks for Dana’s help in finding who murdered her. Can this situation get any worse? Don’t ask.


Great concept and I love the artwork. But there’s so much going on that I was kinda lost a lot of time. There are so many people tossed around that it’s confusing. Plus, I thought Em, Dana’s little sister, was gonna be kinda cool, but I actually can’t stand her. I have book 2, so I’ll continue on, but I’m not overly impressed with the story so far.