A Most Devilish Rogue - Ashlyn Macnamara

*Book source ~ NetGalley


Isabelle Mears made a bad decision during her come out season and ended up pregnant by a dandy who disappeared right after deflowering her. Six years later, after being disowned by her family, she’s living in backwater Kent with her son Jack when George Upperton rescues Jack from the ocean. George is smitten with Isabelle, but she’s rightly wary of any man, most especially one of the ton.


George has lived up to his father’s expectations of gambling, women and booze, but he’s not happy. With a mother hounding him to marry and a pregnant mistress hounding him for blunt George runs to his friend’s house party in Kent where he meets Isabelle. Running away from his problems solved nothing and now he can’t get the fallen Isabelle out of his mind. When Jack is kidnapped he throws himself into the search thus spending a large amount of time with Isabelle. Will George and Isabelle get their happily ever after? Or are they doomed?


This story started out pretty good, but was soon bogged down with long boring passages and contrived conflict. George and Isabelle aren’t very interesting, the kidnapping was just plain stupid and George is a moron. Also, Jack is gone and Isabelle spends the time either dithering or screwing George. Wow. Some mom she is. I couldn’t connect with any of the characters in this book. I almost DNF’d it, but hoped it would get better. Nope. I won’t be carrying on with this series.

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