The Sandman, Vol. 5: A Game of You  - Neil Gaiman, Bryan Talbot, Shawn McManus, Colleen Doran

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From Goodreads:

Take an apartment house, mix in a drag queen, a lesbian couple, some talking animals, a talking severed head, a confused heroine, and the deadly Cuckoo. Stir vigorously with a hurricane and Morpheus himself, and you get this fifth installment of the Sandman series. This story stars Barbie, who first makes an appearance in The Doll's House, who here finds herself a princess in a vivid dreamworld.


The illustrations are still pretty good, but I wasn’t as pleased with this story arc. Maybe because I don’t give a shit about Barbie. Anyway, besides the fact that dumbass Barbie is the center of this, it’s a bit too out there for me. Meaning, I had a hard time grasping some of the concepts. But at least Morpheus is still a hottie and fascinating. And Thessaly is an interesting (and a bit scary) character. I wouldn’t mind seeing more of her. I really hated the ending though.