Angel and Faith: Season Nine Library Edition Volume 2 - Rebekah Isaacs, Christos Gage, Joss Whedon

*Book source ~ Library


From Goodreads:

Willow arrives in London looking to join forces with Angel and Faith and gain access to Angel’s son, Connor. With Connor’s help, Willow hopes to travel to the fearsome hell dimension, Quor’toth, and restore magic to earth! On the dark side of the moon, Spike embraces some peace, quiet, and distance from the Slayer. But when a pack of demons and a succubus rip him from his melancholic reverie, he embarks on an unexpected adventure that reveals some hard truths.


First off, this book is ginormous. Good thing it comes with its own ribbon bookmark because I don’t have a lot of bookmarks that are very large. Second, the artwork is gorgeous. Just gorgeous. And third, Spike! Yes, I know this book is titled Angel & Faith and there’s plenty of them (with Willow and Connor, too), but Spike’s story takes up about half of the book. So, yay! Since I’ve read most of Buffy Season 9 (except #4 which I’ve been waiting on for months from the library) I’m not lost when it comes to Spike’s story. It might not make too much sense if you haven’t read Buffy Season 9, #2. But at the end? Was that Riley? No eye patch, so it couldn’t be Xander, so I’m going with Riley. But seriously. He looks nothing like anyone I know from the Buffyverse, but Spike calls him Wanker, so I’ll go with Riley. For fuck’s sake, try to get these characters at least close to the way the actors look, so we know who the hell they are. So annoying. Anyway, the story arcs in both stories are decent and I have no berating to administer. Carry on.