Angel: The End - Peter David

*Book source ~ Library


Final three volumes (7-9) in Angel:After the Fall: Immortality for Dummies (7), The Crown Prince Syndrome (8), and The Wolf, The Ram, and The Heart (9). Also includes eight short stories.


This beautifully illustrated final IDW volume is massive and weighs a ton. The story arcs are pretty decent and cohesive, but I have to state for the record that this time travel shit has to stop. It’s such a copout and I hate the stories that employ such a plot device. Blerg. Spike is, as always, my favorite character followed by Illyria. Love them. And I had to laugh at Spike’s prophecy storyline where he tells the out of work screenwriters to give Angel a poncy name like Dusk, Sunset or Fall of Darkness which I probably wouldn’t have caught if I hadn’t already read Season 8 of Buffy. Hilarious shit there! This is one volume I’d love to add to my personal library someday when I have, you know, money.


Angel: Immortality for Dummies ~ Interesting. I was wondering why someone hadn’t thought of that before now.

Angel: The Crown Prince Syndrome ~ Connor-centric storyline that’s kinda goofy, but not in a horrible way.

Angel: The Wolf, The Ram, and the Heart ~ Time travel, alternate universe and the artwork got comic-booky. No, just no.

Eddie Hope ~ Interesting character. I want to see more of him.

…Dust to Dust ~ Gunn and his sister’s back story.

OMG Unicorns! ~ I hate Harmony. Seriously.

All the Time in the World ~ Just rip my heart right out of my chest, why doncha?

My Only Friend ~ D’awwwwww.

Fight for the Remote! ~ Omg! The movie Gunn and Illyria bring home. Bwahahaha! I love this. I wish there were more funny short stories like this one.

This One Time ~ I really don’t like reality shifts either. But this isn’t a bad story though I wonder where that bitch went. And omg, more of Betta George please.

A Blessing and “The Curse” ~ Nice send off.