Cemetery Girl - Charlaine Harris, Christopher Golden

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Calexa Rose Dunhill isn’t her name, but since she can’t remember who she is she names herself from the surroundings in which she woke; Calexa from the crypt nearby, Rose from a gravestone and Dunhill from the cemetery. Until she can figure out who killed her, why she woke up in a cemetery, why she can see spirits and who she is she decides it’s safer to make her home in a crypt. With the unobtrusive help of the old caretaker, Mr. Kelner and an old lady, Lucinda Cameron, who lives across the street from the cemetery, Calexa survives for months, but is no closer to discovering anything about her past. Then one night she witnesses a murder and she has to make a decision. Let the murderers get away with it or call attention to the cemetery and hope she’s not discovered?


I love this story and the artwork. Who is this girl? Why did someone try to kill her? Why was there no mention of her disappearance in the papers? What the hell is going on? Gah! I need to know! The teens who commit the murder in the cemetery are fucked up. I mean, seriously, what the fuck?! That is just so FUBAR. Calexa’s solution to reporting the murder is brilliant. Anyway, I’m glad Calexa has Mr. Kelner and Lucinda. Now, if they can just figure out the mystery that is her then I’ll be happy.

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