Star Wars: Rebel Heist - Marco Castiello, Matt Kindt

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From Goodreads:

The Rebel Alliance's newest recruits are teamed with its greatest heroes to hatch a plot and pull off a heist right under the noses of the Empire's finest. Can Han Solo, Princess Leia, and others live up to their legends, or will they be found to have feet of clay? Or, is it possible, that their most obvious weaknesses might also be their greatest strengths?

Matt Kindt, the acclaimed author of "MIND MGMT" and "3 Story," and artist Marco Castiello of "Halo: Initiation," step into the "Star Wars" galaxy to weave a tale of danger, intrigue, and outrageous misdirection.


While I like the artwork it tends to be a bit on the Dark Side. <--see what I did there? hehe I crack me up. Anyway, what I mean is a lot of it is in the greys and blues. Which I guess makes some sense because the Alliance works in the shadows and such. Or am I putting too much thought into it? So, it’s not all sneaky-looking. There are some very colorful scenes as well.


The story is told from several POVs and I really enjoyed how all the pieces came together in the end. There’s action, mystery, suspense and fun to be had in this volume. I recommend it for any Star Wars fan.