Christmas Nookies (Hot Holiday Reads Book 2) - Tricia Skinner

*Book source ~ A review copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.


This Christmas anthology contains 13 stories. With the exception of one they are all contemporary. Some are hot, some are ok, two didn’t appeal to me and one is just awful. Maybe you’ll enjoy them more.


Miss B’s Christmas Mix by Mairi Kilaine ~ Jazz band and jazz choir directors make music. {3 bites}


Oh! What Fun It Is to Ride by Elizabeth Shandy ~ Naughty limo action. {4 bites}


A Christmas Mechanical by Philippa Ballantine ~ Some quite steamy Steampunk. Nom! {4.5 bites}


Old Fashioned with a Twist by Paul Goat Allen ~ Twist indeed. Nice! {4 bites}


Away in a Maison by Bethany Hyde ~ BDSM Christmas. {3 bites}


Fake It Till You Make It by Melissa Lenhardt ~ Picking up a stranger. Naughty nomminess. {4 bites}


Wet Christmas by Anh Leod ~ Aquaphile fun. NOM! {5 bites}


Holy Fuck by E.B. Ashcroft ~ M/m fun, that was only so-so. {3 bites}


Ghost of Christmas Past by Wendy Vogel ~ Old lovers reunited. {3.5 bites}


So You Believe in Santa? by Nicola Jane ~ Getting it on with Santa. {3 bites}


I’m Coming Home by Blake C. Aarens ~ Terrible writing style and if you’re going to write about Marines then you better know wtf you’re talking about. F!!! {0 bites}


From Keats, with Love by Maureen Lee ~ Bored now. {1 bite}


Stealing Christmas by Peggy Barnett ~ Ugh {1 bite}