Holiday Spice (Hot Holiday Reads Book 1) - Short Fuse

*Book source ~ A review copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.


This Christmas anthology contains 17 spicy stories in the contemporary, fantasy, paranormal and sci-fi genres. While the majority of these are well-written and edited/proofread, there are a few that seem to have fallen through the cracks (they are noted). I must also note that while I rarely read contemporary anymore there are several in this anthology that I find quite delicious.


Christmas Spice by Anna Leigh Keaton ~ Naughty role play is very nommy. {5 bites}


A Not so Lonely Christmas by Jody Holford ~ Snowbound friends to lovers. {3 bites}


Naughty or Nice by Ainsley Winter ~ Jock and nerd come together years after high school. Needs further editing/proofreading. {3 bites}


Put a Bow on It by Zrinka Jelie ~ Office ass gets his. Needs further editing/proofreading. {2 bites}


The Messenger by Kim Kasch ~ Not impressed. Needs further editing/proofreading {2 bites}


Office Santa by Jade A. Waters ~ Some people have a Santa fetish. I don’t, but this is my favorite simply because it’s so hot it makes me want to rethink a Santa fetish. Nom! {5 bites on Santa’s butt}


Kinky Bells by Sidney Bristol ~ BDSM Christmas {3 bites}


Snow and Love by Callie Russell ~ A snowstorm while skiing turns out to be the best thing ever. {5 bites}


Secret Santa by Kyra Mason ~ That is one observant Secret Santa.  {4 bites}


Counting by Numbers by L.R. Wright ~ Bored now. {2 bite}


A Second Chance by J.A. Pope ~ I’m so full of meh about this one. {2 bites}


No. 18 by Megan Carey ~ A heaping bag full of NOPE. This woman is scum. Was her name even mentioned? I have no idea and I don’t care. {0 bites}


Homecoming by D.R. Slaten ~ So very boring and full of unconvincing drama. {1 bite}


Christmas Sex Magic by Philippa Ballentine ~ Fantasy involving the Fae {4 bites}


Guardian Angel by Laura Kreitzer ~ Who knew angels were so sexual?! Nom!{4 bites}


The Murder King’s Christmas by Jamie Leigh Hansen ~ Intriguing paranormal {4 bites}


The Silent Stars Go By by Peggy Barnett ~ Nommy sci-fi orgy. (warning: f/f, m/m action in addition to f/m) {5 bites}