The Walking Dead Book 12 (Walking Dead (12 Stories)) - Cliff Rathburn, Charlie Adlard, Robert Kirkman

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From Goodreads:

After Rick delivers Carl to Hilltop to start their new lives apart, a threat emerges from within the walker hordes that no one could expect. A threat that will leave readers speechless. Collects The Walking Dead #133-144.


So, Book Eleven had me going WTF at the end and Book Twelve delivers the answer. And what an answer it is. Holy shit! That’s just crazy! And crazy can be dangerous and so completely fucked up that you wonder how anyone would believe that shit. A favorite character is back and I’m happy. Negan is up to something and I’m not sure what. Some shit goes down involving Maggie. Can I just say, Wow? And Carl. *sigh* That kid causes more shit to happen, it’s ridiculous. But be prepared. A dozen people die at the end. Yes, I said a dozen. No one I truly cared about, but some of them are people that have been around for awhile. It’s totally and completely fucked up. I so cannot wait to see Rick’s reaction. Come on, Book Thirteen!