Top Ten ~ Things I Need to Read

I know, I know, it's a lazy post. lol



Actually, this list could also apply to Things I Need to Write Reviews. I know this is a bit of a cheat, a lazy post, a fill-in, but it does give some info about me that may or may not be interesting. 

1. I can read anywhere, but my preference is to have it quiet. For writing reviews I absolutely need quiet.

2. I have no preference over a physical book or an ebook when it comes to reading. When it comes to audiobooks I prefer to listen to those while I'm exercising.

3.  Must have tea. Sometimes I'll have flavored water, but mostly it's tea. Hot or iced, matters not. Except in the winter I lean more towards hot and in the summer it's iced, but whatever's handy will do. I have many flavors of tea, but iced is usually raspberry and hot is earl grey.


4.  Snacks. Sometimes I need them and sometimes I get lost in a book and forget to eat anything.

5. I need to be comfortable, so my go to clothes are jammies.


6. I like reading on the couch which is large and comfy, but with teens in the house I tend to end up more often in my office, leaning back in my comfy office chair with my feet up on the corner of my desk.

7. I may or may not need my magnifier glasses. It depends on how tiny the print is and whether I can change the font (in my Kindle). And my new glasses are very light and comfy, not to mention cool looking.

8. I like to have my internet handy to update my reading progress on Goodreads and Booklikes and since I do not have a smartphone or a laptop that's just another reason to read at my desk which has my PC.


9.  No interruptions. This is a given, right?

10. I like to have my adulting duties done before I start reading. However, this is not a deal breaker. There have been many times I've sat down to read and not had any of my chores done.