Mistletoe and Magic (Novella): A Loveswept Historical Romance - Katie Rose

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It’s Christmas time in 1874 New York and Penelope Appleton, the youngest and most beautiful of the Appleton sisters, has seen her future. She will fall in love and wed Jared Marton. Unfortunately, after dancing with him at her debut she sees another future, one where Jared is shot dead in the street one cold snowy night. In order to protect her heart she does her best to discourage his attentions, but he’s having none of it. Can Penelope change the future? Or is their love doomed before it can even grow?


This is a sweet historical holiday romance. I enjoyed the paranormal part and the fact it was set in New York. I don’t often read historicals that are set in the US. Not sure why. I guess that’s just the way the books fall. Anyway, Penelope has a problem. She can’t warn Jared without him thinking she’s crazy, so she decides to send an anonymous note warning him to be careful and then she tries to avoid him. If she avoids him then she can’t fall in love with him and then have her heart broken when he dies. But he’s persistent and her family aids him in his pursuit of her. The writing is decent, but I wasn’t real impressed with the characters. Penelope is too perfect and Jared seems to be a bit of an ass at times. Maybe it’s just me. He just grated on my nerves a bit and Penelope seemed kind of spineless. All-in-all though it’s really not a bad read especially if you like quick historical holiday stories.

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