Once Upon a Highland Christmas - Sue-Ellen Welfonder

*Book source ~ NetGalley


When Archibald MacNab decrees there will be no Christmas at Duncreag, Captain of the Guard Grim Mackintosh and once-captive-now-free Breena O’Doherty try to change his mind. But the old laird is stubborn as a mule, so Grim comes up with another plan, one he needs Breena’s help implementing. Breena has a plan of her own and she hopes Grim will be receptive. It is the time of Christmas miracles, after all.


This is such a sweet historical romance. And it’s a Christmas one, too! Grim and Breena are just adorable. They like each other, but they each think the other isn’t interested. This type of plot device can be kinda hokey if not done skillfully, but here it works. I could have done without the surprise twist towards the end. It made me roll my eyes. But the rest of it is a great read.

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