Frat Boy and Toppy - Anne Tenino

*Book source ~ NetGalley


Brad Feller is a jock at college on an athletic scholarship. Ever since high school he’s been fooling himself and everyone else. He’s lived up to everyone’s expectations of a ladies man and even though he always felt something was different or lacking he never really thought he was gay. Until one day he has an epiphany in the guys locker room shower. From there it’s only a matter of time before he pursues the hot guy that he’s been daydreaming about and eventually comes out of the closet. But it’s quite a journey from Point A to Point Gay.


This is a bit different than I thought it would be. I was expecting a bit of a raunchy M/M college tale and got a sweet M/m romance instead. There’s nothing wrong with that. The story is well-written and the characters are very life-like, but even though it is told from Brad and Sebastian’s POV, it’s Brad that takes center stage. He’s just so freakin’ adorable! I love being in Brad’s head as he tries to figure things out. Like I said, adorable. If you want a sweet M/m romance then this is the one to read.